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ReSound Smart 3D App

ReSound Smart App

Access everything you need right from the start screen on your smart phone. One-tap access to everything you need for a quick adjustment. Never miss an opportunity to be fully engaged in the world around you.

ReSound Smart 3D Hearing Aid Compatibility

Smart hearing aid technology and hearing aid connectivity have ushered in a new era of opportunity. If you have a ReSound smart hearing aid, you can use the ReSound Smart 3D app to tailor your hearing experience - perfectly matching you own preferences. Easily. Discreetly. And straight from your phone.

You can use the ReSound Smart 3D app with the ReSound smart hearing aids listed below:

  • ReSound LiNX Quattro
  • ReSound LiNX 3D
  • ReSound ENZO 3D

Personalize and control your hearing experience

  • Quick buttons. Everything you need for quick adjustment on the go.
  • Personalize your hearing. Personalize your hearing even more by creating and saving your own favourite settings.
  • Remote fine-tuning. With ReSound Assist, you can send a request for assistance to your hearing care professional from the app.
  • Location based hearing. Save your settings at your favorite locations and your hearing aids will automatically switch to those settings the next time you return.
  • Tinnitus management. Helps you cope with tinnitus by masking it with relieving sounds. Customize and adjust the sounds to fit your needs.
  • Battery power at your finger tips. You can track the battery status of your rechargeable hearing aids, and get a notification when they need recharging. While charging, the app tracks the progress and let you know when they are ready for use.
  • Find lost hearing aids. Track your misplaced hearing aids through the app.