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Prevent Dementia with Good Hearing

Prevent Dementia with Good Hearing

Dementia is a rising problem in the American population today, with one in ten Americans being affected by it, especially in those over the age of seventy years. Furthermore, this rate is expected to increase drastically over the next couple of years.

Recent research from Johns Hopkins Medicine report that the onset of dementia in participants with medium to severe hearing loss (within the age range of sixty years and above) can be slowed down by effectively treating hearing impairment. Wearing hearing aids was found to delay the occurrence of dementia and also reduce the effect of dementia on the participants. This correlation study took place over a period of 12 years and found a significant positive relationship between untreated hearing impairment and the onset of dementia. Out of 639 participants, 36% of participants aged 60 and above with medium to extreme hearing loss were found to be more likely to be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Although correlation does not imply causation, it can be safely suggested that hearing loss increased the likelihood of developing dementia later on in life.

The findings of the above study indicate that untreated hearing loss can lead to dementia over a period of time, thus it is important to address your hearing needs through the effective use of hearing aids. Hearing instruments can help you gain a better understanding of the communication around you and lead to improved cognitive functioning that can help decrease your chances of developing dementia later on in life. Hearing loss can be an isolating experience which can deteriorate cognitive abilities. Wearing hearing aids can boost your ability to concentrate and improve your self-esteem and social relationships which can reduce your risk of developing dementia and let you lead a fulfilling, active life for a longer period of time.