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Deciding whether or not hearing devices are right for you can be a tough decision, but our expertise will help you.

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We offer the BEST Technology at the BEST price, and we guarantee it!

We have 24 convenient locations to choose from as well as a Mobile hearing clinic that is available for health shows and community fairs. Our Audiologists & Hearing Aid Specialists have been changing lives for over 65 combined years. We offer patients a complete line of hearing instruments from low priced starter hearing aids to state of the art multi channel digital hearing instruments.

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Mobile Hearing Center

Spreading hearing awareness throughout the country

Ultimate Hearing is excited to bring you the convenience and flexibility of our mobile hearing center. Not only are we able to provide service to many remote areas, but we are also spreading hearing awareness throughout the country.

Our full service bus is equipped with an enclosed hearing booth engineered to eliminate ambient noise to ensure the most accurate hearing test possible. We have experienced Audiologists and Hearing Specialists on-site for all your hearing needs. Whether it is on our mobile hearing center or in any of our 24 office locations, we are at your service when you need us.

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Mobile Hearing Services - Midwest
Hearing Aid Evaluation

Hearing Aid Evaluation

There are many steps that are part of a hearing aid evaluation. If you suspect that you might need a hearing aid, you will first need to have a hearing evaluation.

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Hearing Aid Fitting

Hearing Aid Fitting

Once you have selected your hearing aids after an evaluation, your hearing professional will program them, based on a prescription, to meet your hearing needs.

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Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing aids have small working parts, and it is not uncommon over time for a hearing aid to need a repair.

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ReSound LiNX2

Made for iPhone hearing aid

ReSound LiNX2 is the new benchmark in smart hearing, giving you exceptional sound quality, speech understanding and spatial awareness. Stream stereo sound directly from your iPhone, personalize your hearing experience and engage effortlessly with family, friends and colleagues in any listening situation. Modern, discreet and durable, ReSound LiNX2 hearing aids are available in a full family of new designs and colors. So when it comes to comfort and lifestyle you're sure to find the perfect fit.

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ReSound LiNX2 - Midwest
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